14.08.2014 - Happy Hour au Fasano

Nous avons eu un magnifique événement au Baretto-Londra bar de l'hôtel Fasano à Ipanema beach.

Cet événement a été sponsorisé par Mark Reimer de l'EHL et Cristiana Kastrup, General Manager du Fasano qui a partagé ces mots avec nous:

"I truly enjoyed our time together and getting to know all of you a bit better. Thank you all sincerelly for coming.
Contrary to this accelerated world of obligations/consumption and immedite/individualistic desire to enjoy everything to the fullest, what really matters in life, is definatelly the bond that we create with people. Those ties are what recharge us with energy. I am really happy that I got to know you all a little better last night.
Please see attached some pictures that we took. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal for the outdoor pictures, but they do relay a great memory of the moment we all spent together.
Looking forward to seeing you all again.
Grande abraço (a big hug),

Encore un très grand merci à Cristiana et Mark pour cette belle soirée!

Photo haut de page: de gauche à droite (derrière) Gisele Llados. Mark, Yves de Roquemaurel, Marc Balanger; (devant) Kim Bourquin, Cristiana Kastrup, Morgane La Roche, Hannah Nunes-Yahiaoui et Hans Hurni

Photo 1: de gauche à droite Cristiana Kastrup, Kim Bourquin, Gisele Llados, Yves de Roquemaurel, Mark Reimer, Hans Hurni, Morgane La Roche, Marc Balanger et Hannah Nunes-Yahiaoui.

Picture 2: de derrière à devant Hans Hurni, Morgane La Roche, Mark Reimer, Cristiana Kastrup et Kim Bourquin.

Picture 3: Vue depuis le deck de la picine du Fasano


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