New EHL Branding

Dear Alumni,

You will find below some explaination for the logo change from our marketing team.

The consolidation of all our business entities (EHL, Passug and LHC) under the main umbrella brand required that we look for common denominators. Although we capitalized on the strong brand, we also had to include the DNA of the other entities besides EHL. From a marketing stand-point we had to improve the “efficiency” of the logo since these three entities now belong to the EHL Group.

  • Evolution of the full name of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne that is hardly understandable outside of French speaking countries. Currently, 50% of the student population is international aligning with the evolution of EHL.
  • The 3 initials or the acronym of our name was kept, to maintain a link to our past and use the name that the newer generations are using today ‘EHL’
  • EHL Advisory Services (ex- Lausanne Hospitality Consulting) is due to grow at a faster pace than past years, and its mission is to spread the good reputation of EHL and to create synergies with EHL and new partners. Therefore, they had to use the same name without being associated to a school (as they belong to the EHL Group).
  • Due to the nature of EHL’s international development, the name had to be adapted to international audiences and therefore the change from its previous version (Ecole hôtelière…is quite hard to read and pronounce in all other languages)
  • Visual impact – we redefined contemporary sets of colors that stand out and are more contrasted for a more modern visibility
  • Importance of a compact size of the logo for optimal display in mobile screens as well as in social media. The former logo had not been used in the past few years on digital channels, because it was too small and not readable, so we had to use the arch alone.

The redesign of the arch can be quite abstract when you don’t know EHL already. The idea that the arch is hanging on top of the bars gives it a sense of belonging, elements of caring and opening which is what we strive for as a group while still keeping reference to the past.

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