EHL believes that it is its responsibility to promote social diversity and foster talent by offering gifted students the opportunity to study at the School irrespective of their social background and financial circumstances. In 2007, EHL set out to develop a programme of scholarships and financial aid for deserving foreign students, as well as for gifted Swiss students who are ineligible for HES-SO subsidies.

The EHL Scholarship Fund offers two different kinds of financial aid:

  1. The Hardship Fund, which provides ad hoc financial help for students who encounter unexpected hardship during their studies (e.g. a death or divorce in their family) for a short period of time (a semester or a year).
  2. A subsidy or an honour loan to enable students to pay their tuition fees.  Honour loans at 0% interest are repayable over a period of 6 to 10 years. 

Would you like to make a donation and support a deserving student?

Please contact Mr. Walter Daubenmeier at

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