19.03.2015 - Saviva F&B Chair

Did you know that the Swiss in particular waste over 2mio tonnes of foodstuffs every year?

This is an astonishing 250kg per person per year or 684g per person per day.

It is widely recognised that households, the main stakeholders in the food industry as well as hotels and restaurants must now find ways to reduce waste and spoilage. Saviva S.A and EHL are committed to tackle this issue and to improve existing knowledge and solutions in this field. They will do this through the Saviva Food & Beverage Chair.

The Saviva F&B Chair: In January 2015, EHL and Saviva S.A. signed a 3 year partnership agreement, creating the Saviva Food & Beverage Chair. As part of this partnership, Saviva will be mandating SBP’s, will be recruiting our students, will be present at many of our flagship events and will enjoy significant presence on campus.

Saviva S.A. in short: A member of M-Industrie (Migros), a supplier to hotels and restaurants, revenues of CHF 900mio, 850 employees, 500 products and 7 brands. Learn all about them here (not in English I’m afraid).

The CEO of Saviva S.A. is André Hüsler (EHL 1990). Saviva S.A. was on campus last week strengthening their workforce through the recruitment of interns. They will be present again in April as they kick-off their Student Business Project (SBP).


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